The secret to choosing the perfect seminar room

When it comes to selecting the perfect event venue, many factors come into play. Key aspects such as location, accessibility, catering, and options for the supporting programme all need to be considered. The features of the seminar room itself, however, are arguably the most crucial factor for your event’s success. Choosing the right work environment can significantly enhance your attendees’ productivity and well-being.

So, how do you identify the perfect seminar room and what exactly should you look out for? Our comprehensive guide has got you covered: Read on to find out more about the most important criteria your conference room should meet. Following our tips, you will be able to avoid common pitfalls and ensure the success of your next event.

The right room size and layout

The first crucial aspect to consider is the size of the seminar room. How much space is needed for your event will depend on the format of your event, your preferred seating arrangement, and how many attendees are expected. Our event space capacity calculator helps you to get an idea of what room size is appropriate for your event.

Still unsure which seating arrangement to choose? Our seating arrangement guide covers the 10 most popular types of seating styles and will help you make the right decision.

Besides the square footage of the seminar room, be sure to also consider the layout. If the space features awkward angles or elements such as columns or arches, this can negatively impact the usable area and potentially obstruct your attendees’ view. Flexible partition walls, on the other hand, can be a big plus, as they allow you to adjust the room size and create breakout rooms as needed.

Plenty of natural light, lighting, and shading

Anyone who has sat through a seminar in a windowless room can attest to the fact that natural light is a key feature for a positive event experience. Besides being a mood booster and vital for everyone’s well-being, natural light has been shown to enhance focus and productivity in attendees.

We therefore recommend ensuring that your seminar room provides plenty of natural light. Large windows looking out onto greenery are ideal, serving not only as a source of natural light but also allowing participants to temporarily relax their eyes with a glance outside.

As important as natural light may be, the perfect conference room should also offer adequate ways of blocking sunlight out. Window treatments such as black-out curtains, shutters, and blinds can diffuse blinding light and darken the room at moments when direct sunlight might be disturbing, such as during presentations.

Besides offering plenty of natural light, an event space should also feature pleasant artificial lighting. A combination of direct lighting, such as spotlights, and indirect light sources that ensure an even light distribution is ideal. To provide a particularly high level of comfort for your guests, you might want to look for event spaces that feature daylight lamps (as opposed to fluorescent lights) and/or dimmable lights.

Adjustable climate control and ventilation

A comfortable room temperature and good air quality are equally as important as natural light for a pleasant work environment. When evaluating a potential seminar room, check whether or not it is possible to open any windows to bring in some fresh air and if there is a good ventilation system installed. To keep everyone comfortable throughout the day, the event space should also feature heating and air conditioning that can be controlled separately from other rooms in the building.

Good Acoustics

A quiet setting and excellent acoustics foster understanding and concentration, making them essential factors for a successful seminar. In a room with poor acoustics, listening to presentations and group discussions can become challenging. Noise from outside the meeting space can be an additional stress factor, as it might distract or disturb attendees, thus negatively impacting their event experience.

For a pleasant atmosphere, ensure the room offers excellent acoustic conditions. Ideally, the seminar room has quiet surroundings, is equipped with sound-absorbing elements such as acoustic wall or ceiling panels, and features a modern audio system with well-placed speakers. A certain level of sound insulation is also imperative, both to reduce noise pollution from the outside and to guarantee sufficient privacy.

Suitable and comfortable seating

Extended periods of sitting are often unavoidable during a seminar or conference, so comfortable seating is key. The right seating arrangement, ergonomic chairs, and thoughtfully designed workspaces can prevent discomfort and help everyone to stay focussed and productive.

Modern conference technology and equipment

To effectively convey content for different learning types, modern presentation technology and the right equipment are essential. Depending on the format of your event, a projector and screen, a smart board or whiteboard, analogue or digital flipcharts, and access to high-speed Wi-Fi are likely to be among the standard equipment needed. When comparing seminar rooms, check what presentation options the space offers and which equipment may already be included in the room hire or seminar package.

Appropriate styling and atmosphere

The perfect seminar room should feature a style that matches your event and target audience. Compare, for instance, a luxurious boardroom with high-end leather furnishings, a Scandinavian-style seminar room with clean lines, wood, and glass, and a colourful, creative workshop space with flexible lounge furniture. Each space conveys different expectations and values and is therefore suited for different types of industries, corporate identities, and target audiences. The right atmosphere reflects your company’s personality and the theme of the event, setting the tone for your attendees’ experience.

Reasonable costs that stay within your budget

Last but not least, the cost needs to be factored in to ensure that your perfect-fit conference room doesn’t exceed the budget for your event. Confirm the venue hire cost and what seminar packages might be offered. A flat rate, which usually includes not only the room hire but also conference technology, equipment, beverages, and catering, is often the most cost-effective option. Ensure you are aware of any additional costs such as fees and surcharges, in particular when you are not opting for an all-inclusive package.

The ultimate seminar room checklist for finding the perfect event space

Looking for a quick way to compare different venues and make sure a seminar room is meeting your requirements? Our check list is here to help!

Room size and layout

🗹 Does the event space have the right size for the chosen seating arrangement and expected number of attendees?

🗹 Does everyone have a clear view of the speaker and presentation with this layout?

🗹 Are flexible partition walls available to adjust the room as needed?


🗹 Does the event space feature windows and plenty of natural daylight?

🗹 Is it possible to darken the room with blinds, shades, or curtains?

🗹 Is there sufficient (direct and indirect) artificial lighting?

🗹 Is the lighting pleasant and/or can it be dimmed or otherwise adjusted?

Temperature and ventilation

🗹 Is it possible to open the windows for some fresh air or is there another ventilation system that ensures good air quality?

🗹 Can the room temperature be controlled through heating and/or air conditioning?


🗹 Is the event space quiet and free from noise pollution?

🗹 Does the event space offer clear acoustics without echoes, feedback, or other disturbances?

🗹 Does the event space feature a modern audio system with well-placed speakers?

🗹 Is the room sufficiently soundproofed to ensure privacy?


🗹 Is the desired seating arrangement feasible in this room?

🗹 Are the chairs ergonomic and comfortable enough for extended periods?

🗹 Does the seating arrangement include sufficient workspace for attendees?

Conference technology

🗹 Is the event space equipped with modern presentation technology and any necessary equipment? (projector, screen, smart board/whiteboard, flip charts, etc.)

🗹 Does the venue offer (complimentary) access to high-speed Wi-Fi?

Styling and atmosphere

🗹 Does the room’s design and décor reflect the theme of the event?

Costs and budget

🗹 Does the venue offer a clear cost breakdown without hidden fees or surcharges?

🗹 Do the hire fees, flat rates, or seminar packages fit with the budget?

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