Create date 17.07.2024

For a successful event that will not be forgotten, a tailor-made supporting program is a must. Our tips will guide you step by step to the perfect supporting program for your next event.

Create date 05.07.2024

The right working environment promotes well-being and boosts productivity among your attendees. Our comprehensive guide gives you an overview of the most important aspects to consider when choosing an event space. With our checklist on hand, ensuring that your seminar room meets all requirements becomes easy.

Create date 26.06.2024

Not sure what type of seating arrangement to choose? In this guide, we introduce the 10 most popular seating arrangements, provide an overview of their advantages and disadvantages, and explain which seating arrangement is best suited for which type of event.

Create date 04.06.2024

In this guide you will find the 5 most important criteria to quickly and easily check venues meet your needs and compare them objectively.

Create date 10.01.2024